How to Prep Your Memory for the Apocalypse


Editor’s note: Dr. Metivier wrote the book on memory. Several of them. Literally.  Did you ever stop to think about how critical your ability to memorize information is in the midst of a crisis? When he offered to write a post on memory strategies, I jumped at the chance to share this information with you. Following is an article that he wrote exclusively for readers of The Organic Prepper. Enjoy!

Guest post by Dr. Anthony Metivier of Magnetic Memory Method

There’s bad news and dark days on the horizon. But even though you may have a properly stocked pantry and more than enough know-how to keep your body alive … what about your mind?

And more specifically, what about your memory? How are you going to memorize names, faces, numbers and directions when the world is coming down around your ears? Especially when you aren’t going to have…

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