SWAT team ambushes innnocent man as he works on tractor in his driveway


Source: Police State USA

A man says that while he was working on his tractor in his driveway, a van pulled up and a dozen men with rifles piled out and assaulted him. As they bashed his head in, breaking bones in his face, he believed they were there to kill him. It was later determined that police had attacked a completely innocent man due to a false police report, drawing questions about why police acted so brutally against a man who did not resist and made no threats.


The violence befell upon John Hytrek one day in August 2012 while he was working on a tractor at his shop. Without warning, Mr. Hytrek heard a van screeching up to his shop. When he looked up, roughly 12 men were sprinting towards him with their rifles drawn.

“They ran for me with machine guns,” recalled Mr. Hytrek to KMTV…

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