Thousands Without Power During ‘Historic, Life-Threatening Cold’


Multiple slide-offs and vehicle crashes were reported due to winter conditions across the Midwest and Northeast on Sunday. (Twitter Photo/Indiana State Police)

By Jillian MacMath

Thousands remain without power Tuesday morning after a snowstorm stretched from the Midwest to the Northeast amid bitter cold temperatures and wind chills as low as minus 45 F in some places.

@Av8rdan tweeted: “It’s not even imaginable how people without power in the Indy area can get by in this Polar Vortex event” Additional Relevant Tweets and Social Media Reaction

Many locations in the eastern portion of the country are still under a wind chill advisory or warning as of early Tuesday morning with wind chill values as low as 30 to 50 below zero.

Wind chills lower than minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit can cause exposed flesh to freeze in only five minutes.

The National Weather Service has referred to the cold outbreak as…

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