If The SHTF Right Now, Would You REALLY Be Ready?

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Preparedness is all about being ready for whatever life throws at you. However, a lot of preppers seem to be stuck in a perpetual state of “almost there” preparedness. They’ve got enough ammunition to go through world war three, enough MRE’s to make a small tree fort out of them, but yet simple things like water, medical supplies and even communication plans are on the backburner or seriously “under-prepped”.

Well what if that SHTF disaster that we all fear happened today, right now? What if, as you were reading this post, the computer flicked off, the lights went out and every modern convenience that we rely on is suddenly gone without warning.

This is what you’ve prepared for right?  

There are several real threats out there that could cause a situation like this to actually happen. EMP attacks, solar flares, an all-out attack on America’s electricity grid; although the…

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