Cops Have New Double-Edged Weapon In Tracking Cannon … Privacy Or Safety ?


Crime-Fighting Tech Uses Tracking Projectile To Tail Suspect Vehicles


Tracking Cannon




” Police in Iowa used a new piece of crime-fighting technology to track a vehicle without the danger of a pursuit.

The StarChase system – a pursuit reduction device that contains a miniature GPS module encased in a tracking projectile – was used during an incident on Wednesday in Des Moines.”




” According to, officers launched the tracking projectile from their vehicle into the vehicle they were pursuing. They then stopped the chase and were able to track the subject as they drove into Omaha.”



    While the utility of this system in lowering the risk of danger to innocents by cutting the need for high speed pursuit is obvious , just as obvious is the potential for abuse of this new technology . Given the lack of faith and…

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