More State-Sponsored Brutality … Skokie Police Style


Surveillance Video Shows Cop Hurling Woman Face First Into Concrete Cell, Woman Now Suing Skokie, Illinois Police Department

” Earlier this month, an Illinois woman filed suit against LaSalle County, alleging she was aggressively stripped search by three male deputies and a female in the jail after a DUI arrest and left naked in a cell. This week, her attorney said he has five more women who have come forward with similar complaints.

Now, a separate lawsuit against the Skokie Police Department in Illinois was filed by a Chicago woman, Cassandra Feuerstein, alleging the use of excessive force after her DUI arrest. Surveillance video shows the 110-pound woman talking to an officer off-screen, then walking out of the cell, followed by two cops, and about 30 seconds later being thrown head first toward a concrete bench in her cell, causing bleeding. Feuerstein’s lawyer says she required reconstructive surgery and a…

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