Major Global Earthquakes and Tsuamis over the Last 4,000 Years.

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July 30, 2013 Major Global Earthquakes and Tsunamis by Latitude: The key division for north and south latitude is the equator. North of the equator is considered north latitude. North America, Europe, Asia and Russia are in North Latitude. South of the equator is south latitude. South America and most of Africa are in this zone.

The chart above reflects the distribution of major earthquakes and tsunamis over the last 4,000 years. This data was extracted from a NOAA database.

Clearly, north latitude has seen the majority of quakes and tsunamis during this time period. This is where Japan, the Kuril Islands of Russia, the eastern Aleutian Islands of Alaska and the Philippines are located. These regions are prime hot beds of quake and tsunami activity; since they are located on the northwest and western edge of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” as shown below:

The most…

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