Twitter Explodes With Racism Directed At Larry Elder Following Piers Morgan Interview

Steve Watson
July 18, 2013

Update: Some of the Twitter accounts of those who directed the racist remarks now appear to have been suspended. The embeds below may appear as text only for this reason.

Following an appearance on CNN, during which he called out host Piers Morgan for race baiting, radio talk show host Larry Elder has been bombarded with racist remarks on Twitter from other black Americans.

Morgan admitted that he had booked Elder to appear because he had been critical of Morgan’s assertion that the key witness in the failed prosecution of George Zimmerman is a “smart cookie.”

While Morgan attempted to railroad Elder into calling Rachel Jeantel “stupid”, Elder instead focused on how he believes the media is engaging in outright race baiting over the Trayvon Martin case, stirring up division and promoting hatred.

Elder’s performance was lauded by many commentators as he slammed Morgan for treating “black people like children” and told him he should be “ashamed” of himself.


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One thought on “Twitter Explodes With Racism Directed At Larry Elder Following Piers Morgan Interview

  1. The same question was in my mind as to where and why did Piers have the so-called preacher guest on his show July 18- obviously he was brought him on to add controversy. He however only managed to show just how far tv or Piers would go to bolster ratings. The so-called minister acted and sounded like an idiot and Piers looked like an idiot for having him on as a guest. Always thought he was wiser than that

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