NY Police Confiscate Guns, using records of mental health issue | Townhall

The Grey Enigma

Well this is frightening:  HIPAA violations, communication between medical profession and Police State; sweeping confiscation of guns from any poor schmuck who’d ever taken Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, chamomile tea or aroma therapy;  negation of constitutionally recognized rights at the whim of the state; preventative ‘justice’…. what fucking country have we become?!  How much more will we take?

On April 1st, a legal gun owner in upstate New York reportedly received an official notice from the state ordering him to surrender any and all weapons to his local police department. The note said that the person’s permit to own a gun in New York was being suspended as well. The gun owner contacted attorney Jim Tresmond (a specialist in gun laws in New York) and the two visited the local police precinct.

Mr. Tresmond reportedly went into the precinct and informed the officers that his client, waiting in the parking lot…

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