Sarah Palin: Feds Are Stockpiling Bullets For Civil Unrest

Paul Joseph Watson February 28, 2013

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has warned that the federal government is “stockpiling bullets” in preparation for “civil unrest,” adding that America is “finished” if it cannot deal with its debt problem.

Sarah Palin. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Writing on her official Facebook page, Palin remarked, “If we are going to wet our proverbial pants over 0.3% in annual spending cuts when we’re running up trillion dollar annual deficits, then we’re done. Put a fork in us. We’re finished. We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.”

The post achieved nearly 12,000 ‘shares,’ attracting nearly 60,000 ‘likes’ and over 4500 comments.

The Department of Homeland Security has committed to purchasing around 2 billion bullets over the course of the last year, in addition to buying 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles last September (the agency referred to them as “personal defense weapons”).

Although the mainstream media has played down the purchases as the feds merely saving money by buying in bulk, the ammo buys have contributed to shortages across the country.

However, concerns were further stoked last week when Law Enforcement Targets Inc, a DHS contractor that supplies shooting targets to the agency along with thousands of police departments, was forced to apologize for producing “non-traditional threat” targets which featured images of pregnant women, children and elderly gun owners in residential settings.

Politico published an article following Palin’s Facebook post bizarrely claiming that her concerns about the federal government purchasing ammo in large quantities had been debunked despite admitting that “government agencies are, in fact, purchasing large amounts of ammunition.” This tactic of admitting that the government is purchasing a huge number of bullets while simultaneously portraying anyone concerned about the fact as erroneous and paranoid has been adopted by other mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post, who have blithely accepted and regurgitated the government’s explanation that the bullets are merely for target practice.

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