Retired General Tells Biden: Military Can Help With Gun Control Agenda

Steve Watson Feb 27, 2013

Ahead of a Senate hearing on gun control today,  Vice President Joe Biden met with retired military officials to thrash out a  strategy to win over public approval for the implementation of strict anti-gun  measures.

Retired general Stephen Xenakis told The Hill that he suggested to Biden that members of the  military could help the White House move forward with its gun control  agenda.

“The vice president understands that when it comes  to communicating with credibility on guns, the two groups with the most  credibility are law enforcement and military officials,” he said. “We have  experience with both having weapons and using them responsibly, so we can get  that message out.”

Xenakis said that military officials would be on  hand to pitch gun control talking points to the public.

“He has a plan and he’s working with leaders in  Congress to get it done.” Xenakis said of the Vice President.

Xenakis also appeared in a new “Demand a Plan” gun control  advocating commercial this week, featuring several other retired army generals, put out by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns  group, fronted by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Anti-second amendment lawmakers are scheduled to  make their arguments in today’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Hearing. The Washington Times reports that those testifying will  include, U.S. Attorney for Colorado John Walsh, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn,  and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

Meanwhile, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has  once again vowed to push for strict gun control until it “gets done”.

Arguing that a total ban on semi-automatic rifles  is entirely constitutional, Feinstein referred to “assault weapons” as “personal  pleasures” during an MSNBC appearance.




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