MSM getting the masses prepared for drones in the sky – nothing to see here, move along.

All the talk on the MSM about drones is so campy and fun-loving. Now it’s right out front and in your face that drones will be in the skies. But they’re just little toy helicopters like you kids play with so there’s no need for concern. Yeah right. This one from TechNewsDaily was on the front page of Yahoo! today. It says “Most of the drones that have begun to appear in the skies above the U.S. homeland don’t resemble the Predators or Reapers flown by the U.S. military and CIA above Afghanistan and Pakistan. Instead, these smaller versions of flying, unmanned vehicles almost rival the animal kingdom in their diversity“. In other words, they’re just like the birds you see everyday, so pay them no attention. But near the end of the article is something I find a little chilling. “Bird watchers accustomed to spotting a gaggle of geese or a murder of crows may someday spot similar groupings of drones. Such drone swarms will likely use advanced forms of today’s artificial intelligence programs to coordinate their missions without precise human control, a future with possibilities both delightful and daunting“. Drone swarms? Without precise human control? Can you say Terminator?

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