FBI Mouthpiece Suggests Police Were Not Yelling “Burn It Down” In Dorner Raid

Steve Watson Infowars.com Feb 14, 2013

A Former FBI Assistant Director said he did not  know how to respond to recordings of police officers yelling “burn it down” over  the radio during the raid on the cabin where fugitive Christopher Dorner was  thought to have been burned alive, suggesting that the voices may not have been those of  SWAT officers on the scene.

Interviewed on CNN yesterday, Tom Fuentes admitted  he was at a loss to explain why the audio, extracted from police scanners,  contained such panicked yelling.

“In a SWAT operation, they’re highly disciplined,  highly professional. There’s not going to be that kind of shouting and, of  course, the terminology, “burn it down”, and things like that. So, I just don’t  — it doesn’t fit what I’m normally used to in an operation this difficult.”  Fuentes said.

“You wouldn’t hear comments like that, so I just  don’t know… the sheriff’s department’s going to have a lot of questions to  answer about who was making those statements on the radio and why.” Fuentes  added, insinuating that he believes the words may not have come from responding  officers.



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