100th Post from the INFOWARSTEAM Z Blog – Join Alex Jones Today!

join the inforwars team
Join The Infowars Team

As you probably have noticed, we mainly post and repost stories from Infowars.com and Naturalnews.com in an effort to share their important information and recruit others to join the growing InfowarsTeam Business from Youngevity. As our 100th post, we want to shamelessly ask for your participation on the InfowarsTeam. We want you to try Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Pollen Burst Plus. We want you to reap the benefits of the 90 Essential Nutrients found in the Alex Pack.

You have heard Alex promote the products and the opportunity on the show many times and the evidence for good health by following Dr. Joel Wallach’s research is simply astounding. Take some time to listen to “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” or “Deadly Recipe”, those will get you thinking. Review Dr. Peter Glidden and Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and see what they have to say about the medical model versus nutritional supplementation. Then I invite you to join me on the InfowarsTeam and help spread the message even more while getting yourself and your family and friends off of the current diet and prescription poison that leads to the hospital and ultimately premature death. Visit http://infowarsteam.com/minerals right now and get started.


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