Wa Post Report: Hagel Warned Obama About ‘New World Order’

Secretary Of  Defense nominee pointed to rogue elements within the military Steve Watson Infowars.com Jan 29, 2013

The Washington Post today reports an interesting exchange that is said to have happened  between the President in his first term, and Chuck Hagel, the nominee to be the  next Secretary of Defense.

Bob Woodward writes in the Post that on a visit to  the White House in 2009, Hagel warned Obama that he should look out for rogue  elements within the Pentagon that were leading a ‘new world order’:

According to an account that Hagel later gave, and  is reported here for the first time, he told Obama: “We are at a time where  there is a new world order.

“We don’t control it. You must question  everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats —  “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our  role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using  the military for.”

The Post states that Hagel warned Obama about becoming  “bogged down” in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, saying it would define Obama’s  first term. Hagel reportedly later privately questioned the wisdom of sending additional  troops to join the conflict.

At the time, Obama had announced a proposed deployment of  over 50,000 troops to Afghanistan, based on recommendations from the  Pentagon.

In response, Hagel is said to have noted “The president has  not had commander-in-chief control of the Pentagon since Bush senior was  president.”

“If Hagel is confirmed, as appears likely, he and the  president will have a large task in navigating this new world order.” The Post  report concludes.

The assertion here seems less centered around the concept of  ‘new world order’ that Infowars readers will be familiar with, and more towards  the simple notion that the military industrial complex is driving perpetual war  for its own ends; not really a major revelation in itself, and more an obvious  statement.

Nevertheless, Hagel’s comments make for interesting  reading.


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