Infowars Launches Operation Paul Revere – Video Contest


To harness the power of liberty lovers in the face of the unprecedented attacks on human freedom, we are launching our biggest, most important contest ever.

Obama & Biden are rallying the public to get behind restricting our guns because they don’t have the support of the people — neither does the controlled Republican party. Internet news shows are already dominating the state run media like CNN but the internet is in danger as statists are moving ahead with the internet kill switch and other more subtle censorship mechanisms.

We need an all out offensive in the InfoWar. Although we’re going all out with the nightly news show, syndicated radio and special reports that reach tens of millions a week, we’re so busy that we don’t have time to create the big films as we’ve done in the past. InfoWars has produced more than 20 films that have conservatively reached hundreds of millions of people by putting them out on the internet for free while we’ve financed production by selling DVDs. So we want to invest in a contest to turn loose the creative power of We the People. Three winners will receive cash prizes totaling $115,000.

Three (3) Cash Prizes will be awarded: Grand Prize – $100,000 cash Second Place – $10,000 cash Third Place – $5,000 cash

The InfoWars alternative media operation is throwing everything we’ve got against the globalists because things are moving so quickly and free humanity has a real shot at turning the tide if we simply stand against evil. Everyone who enters this contest is a winner. By taking action your film will, at a bare minimum, reach thousands and potentially millions of people unaware of the matrix-like control grid being built around us. This is a win-win: wake up the masses while having a chance to win $115,000 in cash prizes. You are the militia in the InfoWar.

Create a film promoting liberty whether the subject is a hot one like the 2nd Amendment or something less well known like Agenda 21 or new forms of slavery like those in Chinese factories. It can be a dramatic narrative or a documentary, from 3 minutes to 2 hours.

This is a test to see what you can produce in 3 months so the majority of the content must be new. Just as we hired 5 great reporters from the reporters contest and not just the winner, we’re going to be looking to hire people out of the pool of contestants to work in production and in our news department but also to form a core with the rest of our crew to be researchers, writers, and directors for a group of films. Once the team is formed, we will launch a program to produce at least 3 big films a year and dozens of smaller films that InfoWars will finance.

Filmmakers will have 3 months to create and we will take 2 months to choose the winners — it will be an exciting 5 months. The top entries will be posted on and sites. We’ll air excerpts on the radio and nightly news.


join the inforwars team



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